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I can honestly say that Andy has been the single most powerful force directing me toward the life I have always dreamed of. I am still on my path and am steadily, with the tools I continue to learn from him, reaching higher levels of fulfilment in my life.

When I started coaching with Andy I didn’t really know what the next step was for me in my life. I had some dreams floating at the back of my head and had just experienced a massive growth in my business, but still on a quest for more. Andy has helped me to clarify my thoughts and feelings, begin to plan my journey and develop the best version of myself. He has equipped me with the tools I need to establish a more self assured voice and become more grounded. Within three months I’ve had powerful transformations of my mindset that has resulted in being calmer, learning to feel and go with my intuition and be more at peace with my choices. My heart is grateful to the entire universe for this amazing opportunity to have met you and to help me to become an even more fulfilled woman.

Working with Andy Murphy has been amazing not just for my fighting career, but in life in general. We reached out to each other during a very tough and low time with the recent passing of my father partnered with the uneasy bumpy flow in my career. I was ready to just give it all up, but the way he speaks and makes you look at different perspectives is awesome and his sessions have really helped revitalize and motivate me to do more. I really have learned a lot and am excited to keep on improving. Thank you Andy for everything and really showing me that mental health is the key to everything. No mind, no body, no forward movement.

My job requires that I have complete control of the ability to jump from the creative side of my brain for writing to system and logical based constantly. Working with Andy has helped me go back and forth from these different mental states effortlessly. Before I started working with Andy, trying to juggle these different roles was very difficult and produced a lot of stress. I would recommend that anyone trying to start their own company or work in entertainment or trying to achieve any goal in their life to work with Andy.


I met Andy a few weeks before a MMA fight. I must say that I was somewhat skeptical. However, from the very first session, Andy took my already focused mind “ready state” to a whole new level. By the time I stepped into the cage, I was more relaxed and more focused than I had ever been before a fight. It doesn’t hurt that Andy is not only a very dedicated professional but also a great person, who makes the whole experience so much more enjoyable!

Andy is definitely one-of-a-kind when it comes to his methods, which is a VERY good thing. Never before have I seen such incredible results in such a short period of time from a coach and mentor. He had helped me make immense breakthroughs in 4 different aspects of my life, after just a few sessions. If you are the type of person who is always striving for progress (in your personal life and/or business), I STRONGLY recommend booking some sessions with him ASAP.

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